Chancellor of Neyshabour University of Medical Sciences said: “following two-year efforts and about 100 meetings held at Neyshabour Medical School, the twenty-fifth sympathetic convention of Marham national institute was held in Neyshabour.

“By developing treatment infrastructures in Hakim Training, Research and Treatment Center and equipping 7 operating rooms”, said Dr. Mohsen Aziminejad: “we were able to provide the grounds for presence of this benevolent team”.

The experts of “Marham” healed the wounds of the society

Chancellor of Neyshabour University of Medical Sciences added: “with a history of civilization, culture and clash of ideas, the city of Neyshabour witnessed a humanitarian and great act. As Dr. Aziminejad says, the presence of Marham physicians in Neyshabour and their contact with the people’s servants at the medical university together with the support of the political-administrative team of the city sent the message to the people that the university and Marham have a single ultimate goal which is helping “humanity”. Humanity knows no borders and the Marham physicians proved that they are harbingers of altruism, ethics and culture.

The official said: “our land was in a different mood. The scent of angels and the Heaven could be smelt throughout the city. The idea put forward by Dr. Kalantar Hormozi was: “we are going to wipe ‘cleft lips’ and ‘cleft palates’ off the face of the city”. The message was sent all over the country. Neyshabour not only hosted Neyshabouri children and youths, but also we had guests from Ahwaz, Tabriz and Bandarabbas”.

“Nothing but altruism and serving the people was seen from this team and Marham came not only to perform cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries, but also to heal the wounds of the society”, noted Dr. Mohsen Aziminejad.

Record breaking of young physicians of Marham national institute in Neyshabour

Performing more than 120 clef lip and palate surgeries in Neyshabour, young physicians of Marham national charity institute hit a record.

According to Dr. Aziminejad, this treatment team were present in Neyshabour Khordad 28th-30th and during their stay in Khayyam specialized clinic and Hakim Training, Research and Treatment Center visited 233 persons, provided consultation services for 9 patients, conducted 106 tests and served the people of Neyshabour and 19 other provinces for free.

Moreover, regarding the services provided in Attar specialized clinic, he added: “in Attar specialized clinic, physical medicine and rehabilitation services was provided for the patients by experienced experts. Within a period of two days, 437 patients were examined, 210 patients received exercising and training services, 49 persons received physiotherapy services, 29 persons were provided with occupational therapy services, 219 medical prescriptions were given and the patients were provided with other services including manipulation, joint injection, prescription of orthosis and prosthesis, epidural injection, etc.

The team members of Marham national institute in their 25th trip to Neyshabour included 16 plastic surgeons, 3 anesthesiologists, 6 specialized groups of physical medicine and rehabilitation, 2 general practitioners, 1 clinical psychologist, 1 speech therapist, 10 surgical technologists, 4 anesthesiology technicians, 1 person in charge of public relations of the institute, 1 medical photographer, 1 documentary filmmaker, 9 experts of art and media, 2 training groups for health improvement, 5 headquarters for coordinating and scheduling the trips, 1 non-governmental altruist, and 1 social worker.

A press conference was held with the presence of the founder and chair of the board of directors of Marham national institute on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 and the appreciation ceremony for the treatment team of this institute was held on Thursday June 20th, 2019 at the conference hall of Amiran Hotel in Neyshabour.

This trip was made following consistent efforts and the twenty fifth trip of Marham national institute ended by giving a smile of affection on the faces of children and parents of Iran on June 20th.

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