Hakim Educational, Research and Treatment Center
Established in 1380 (2001), Hakim Educational, Research and Treatment Center is affiliated to Neishaboor University of Medical Sciences and has contracts with all insurance companies. Since the opening of the hospital in the middle of October 2001, all efforts have been made to improve the quality and quantity of services.
Hakim Center is actively engaged in admission of expectant mothers and children and is famed as a mother- and child-friendly hospital. Over the course of its operation, inpatient, outpatient and paraclinical wards and units have been developed according to the needs of patients and to its organizational mission. +
It has earned the title of the first excellent, 1st class hospital in Khorasan province and is considered an environment friendly hospital, with a total area of 108,000 m2 and 17,908 m2 of constructed area, 40,000 m2 of green space, 1,000 m2 of recreational space and children's playground, 5,000 m2 of sports space, 239 active beds (197 approved), and a total of ...? personnel (including both public and private sectors).

Hakim Hospital profile
Total area: 108,000 m2
Constructed area: 17,908 m2
Green space: 4,000 m2
Recreational space and playground: 1,000 m2
Sports Space: 5,000 m2
Number of active beds: 239
Number of beds approved: 197
Total number of personnel (public and private sectors): 765
Address: Baqrood Square, Neishaboor

Dr. Ali Asghar Noori
Position: Head of the Center
Education: Doctor of General Medicine

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