Director of Education and Postgraduate Affair at Neishaboor School of Medical Sciences

    Dr. Hassan Ghodsi

    PhD in Healthcare in Disasters and Emergencies

    Tel: 05142632581


Function Statement

 Supervising and administrating the affairs of guest students from other universities according to relevant regulations


Activities and Achievements in the Past 5 Years

  • Obtaining permission for admitting Midwifery, Occupational Health, Health Information Technology and Food Processing students (plus a 2-year BSc degree program for holders of Associate in Medical Emergencies)
  • Follow up and obtaining permission for offering an MSc program Midwifery
  • Follow up and provision of equipment for practical training of nursing, midwifery and operating room procedures


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About Iran

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About Neyshabour

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Neishaboor School of Medical Sciences is a higher education institute supervised by Ministry...