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Vice-chancellor for Research and Technology Affairs


As one of the senior leadership members of the University who is responsible for the development and designing appropriate strategic plans to promote the research activities. The Vice-chancellor (VC) for research is the authorised institutional official responsible for assuring academic integrity in research and compliance with national, provincial, and local regulations of research.

The VC of research provides essential leadership in the areas of research and technology development by encouraging and supporting investigators; facilitating multidisciplinary projects; seeking out new sources of funding; ensuring the ethical, informed and safe conduct of research, and serving as the spokesperson for the University research enterprise.

In recent years, researchers affiliated to Neyshabur University of Medical Sciences have had a remarkable contribution in science production and expanding the borders of knowledge worldwide. At present, Neyshabur University of Medical Sciences is ranked 33 among Iranian universities of medical sciences regarding the citations to its published scientific articles.

The VC of research oversees the following units: reference Laboratory; Noncommunicable Disease Research Centre; Health and Ageing Research Centre; University Research Ethics Committee; University Research Committee; Office of Grants and Contracts; Office of Student Research Development; Office of Research Development; Office of Research Services; Research Resources Centre, University Library and Electronic Resources, and Office of University Periodical Journal.

Key Challenges:

To develop the high-level strategy for research aligning it with the overarching University Strategy, particularly regarding:

  • Embedding strategies to ensure the growth and quality of research in the next five years, to make the university a great place to work at for new and experienced researchers;
  • Leading on publication strategies to ensure progress concerning the recognition of the university internationally;
  • Be the point of focus for the development of applied sciences to find solutions for outstanding health needs based on "The Future Outlook of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Horizon of the Next Two Decades" documents;
  • Lead on the development and enhancement of multi/interdisciplinary research centres to ensure they continue to be current and adding value to the University future;
  • Appropriate and effective use of the directly allocated university funds for research and of the research equipment fund to maximise their effect on the University;
  • Define a framework and implement a clear path for the management of research performance to ensure all investigators are contributing to the strategic goal of a top 20 university;
  • Develop a clear plan for international and national collaborations for the mutual benefit and improvement of the research activities;
  • Take the lead on national/ external consultations concerning research

Most Important Infrastructural Changes Made in This Chancellery

  • Re-organise the Vice Chancellery department to meet requirements of research-related activities
  • Set up and equipping reference research laboratory
  • Supporting the researchers by facilitating the research process, enhancing the research resources
  • Launching the Research Development Centre (RDC) to promote and empower investigators through educational workshops and research consultation facilities
  • Development of Research and Evaluation Committee (REC) to encourage the research quality and to ensure that approved projects are following the Ethical conduct

 And More Activities Are Underway

  • Launching new research centres based on health priorities
  • Persuading the researchers to conduct applied and productive research, and encourage them to register their innovations and inventions
  • Encouraging the investigators to initiate collaboration with other local, provincial, national and international researchers

Dr Seyed Morteza Shamshirgaran

Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology Affairs

Neyshabur University of Medical Sciences

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