•    Dr. Majid Shadkam Torbati
       Ph.D. in Pharmacy
       Tel: 05143333491

    Since 1389 (2010), Office of Vice President for Food and Drugs of Neishaboor University of Medical Sciences and its 20 experienced, BSc, MSc and PhD staff members are in charge of monitoring the following areas:

    Drugs and Biologics Monitoring Office is responsible for supervising the 61 drugstores in the county (47 municipal, four 24-hour and 14 suburban drugstores) as well as 3 hospital       pharmacies and 29 substance abuse treatment clinics.
    Food, Cosmetics and Hygiene Products Monitoring Office supervises the 117 food processing plants active in 9 categories as well as wholesalers and retailers across the city and suburbs.
    Natural Medicines, Nutritional Supplements and Dry Milk Monitoring Office is in charge of supervising 134 herbal medicine shops, 3 factories, and 85 sports clubs.
    Medical Equipment Monitoring Office is responsible is charged with supervising 3 hospitals and 16 equipment suppliers.
    Laboratory Office controls chemical and microbial quality of food products.

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